FlashAcademy is helping educators to break down language barriers in the classroom

FlashAcademy, is a leading English as an additional language (EAL) platform, with 47 home languages available for selection, after recently adding Dari and Pashto, the main languages of Afghanistan to the app. The platform includes a range of different home languages, in order to support educators and pupils with EAL to break down language barriers and unlock their academic and career potential.

Launched in 2016, the platform was created after a need was identified to help educators and pupils with EAL. FlashAcademy was developed to be easy-to-use for pupils of all levels and spans KS1 to KS4 content, offering a wide breadth of lesson content, from curriculum and social vocabulary, perfect for helping newly arrived pupils to settle into their new school and communicate with their peers. As well as lessons on grammar, phonics, WOW words, idioms and handwriting, through gamified content and interactive activities to ensure that pupils are engaged whilst learning.

The platform also has a range of built-in features developed to help educators and learners, such as the new Digital EAL Assessment. This new tool enables teachers to initially assess pupils of all levels and allow them to set work suited to their proficiency level. Pupils can also sit the assessment in one go, or bit by bit, so that they can go at their own pace. Once a pupil has been assessed and a teacher has started to set work, they can log in to the teacher dashboard, a platform that helps to track pupils progress at an individual, or class level and monitor their progression over time.

FlashAcademy is accessible on PC’s, tablets and smartphones, so learners can access the platform at any time, either in the classroom or at home. Therefore, teachers can easily set homework on FlashAcademy, so that pupils can continue to learn outside of the classroom and even enable pupils to learn curriculum vocabulary ahead of a specific lesson, so that they can be fully engaged.

FlashAcademy is used in 700 schools across the UK and has also recently launched a bespoke app for English to Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL), which is aimed at those who are 16+ and attending a college or university and would like to learn English.

Hear from a school using FlashAcademy:

Over 90% of our EAL Induction students made at least 1 proficiency grade of progress with over 50% of them achieving 2 grades of progress last year. Coupled with our induction course, FlashAcademy has truly helped our students transition through their proficiency stages at an accelerated rate.

Hollie O’Sullivan, Director of EAL at Fortis Academy