Exciting news and a summer break for EALjournal.org

Dear all,

Those of you who subscribe will have noticed that things are have been a bit quiet on EALjournal.org recently. It’s no accident: we’re working hard behind the scenes to prepare for a big relaunch in September.
In the updated EALjournal.org you’ll find great articles every week, with regular columnists as well as occasional contributors and a fresh design.
If you’d like to contribute, please get in touch at r.sharples@naldic.org.uk.
We’re going to take a break over the summer, and we’ll be back in September.
til then,
Why is this happening?
It’s all part of NALDIC’s continuing work to build a platform for the EAL community. The print EAL Journal goes from strength to strength (and we’ve got a cracking issue on Assessment coming out in September); there’s ever more content on the main naldic.org.uk website; the number of regional groups (RIGs) is growing rapidly and we’re looking forward to a storming (25th) annual conference in November.
If you’re not a member, join now at naldic.org.uk.



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