Literacy for Achievement

This short post is a call for action! There’s a fantastic CPD programme being developed with major funding behind it – the sort of thing we’ve been crying out for. They’re short a few participants, though, so please do read on and get involved with brilliant, free (with paid release from teaching!!) CPD.

Our innovative new CPD programme, called EAL in the Mainstream Classroom, is already making an impact in the classroom by raising staff awareness of how to develop academic literacy within the curriculum, and providing the skills and strategies to improve lessons. Early findings show teachers have improved their understanding of the linguistic demands of their subjects as well as improve pupil outcomes. And it’s clear that not only do EAL pupils benefit, but all pupils’ literacy is enhanced.

These are some of the things participants have said:

‘One of the key things it’s made me aware of is the language within the books that we have within the school is not that easily accessible to most students’ (Teacher, science)


‘I think it just shifts your focus slightly, so as well as the subject that you’re getting across or the skill that you’re getting across, I’m just more aware of what language they are going to use’ (Teacher, history)


‘..staff are starting to recognise ..(the need to be..) explicit about academic words and academic language… … we’ve been able to intertwine the curriculum and teach grammar… it’s drip, drip, every day’ (Facilitator)

The Education Endowment Foundation, with The Bell Foundation and Unbound Philanthropy, have commissioned a large-scale, randomised control study to measure exactly how effective the programme is. They have also funded our development partnership (Challenge Partners, Hounslow Language Service and Lampton School). We are urgently looking for a further 40 secondary schools, that meet the eligibility criteria, to take part and receive free training for one teacher each from KS4 History and Science. Please note we now welcome applications from London Schools, as well as the rest of England.

To apply for the Randomised Control Trial please read here  and check your school is eligible. Finally, complete the simple online application formThe application window closes on 26 May 2017.  If you have any queries or want to discuss further please contact Roisin Killick



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