Our first issue

Our first issue arrived yesterday. Hundreds of NALDIC members all around the country will have woken to a quiet thump on the mat and already begun reading; many more will be looking forward to a quiet moment to savour it as they prepare for the start of a new school year.

Let me take a moment to say thank you to the team that made it possible: Carrie Cable, Hamish Chalmers, Catharine Driver, Diane Leedham, Constant Leung, Vicky Macleroy, Frank Monaghan, Nandhaka Pieris, Kamil Trzebiatowski and Manny Vazquez. The team of associate editors will change with each issue as we contribute in our areas of expertise and according to our workload, but the first issue was an immense job and their work should be recognised.

And now … it’s over to you! We are looking forward to hearing your thoughts, comments, suggestions and recommendations. You can leave a message below, get in touch through the contact form on this website, or email me at r.sharples@naldic.org.uk.

Best wishes,

Robert Sharples

Editor, EAL Journal



EAL Journal issue 1 cover

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