What is research and who is it for?

In the last of our mini-series of research blogs, Victoria Murphy asks what counts as research and whether everything that teachers are presented with should be given equal weight. Research comes in many forms, from reading reports of previous studies to carrying out randomised control trials (RCTs), and everything in between. There’s often an implicit… Continue reading What is research and who is it for?

New Speakers round table – conference report

The second in our week of research posts is a report from London. On Monday night, the UCL Centre for Applied Linguistics hosted a round-table discussion on ‘New Speakers’ of languages – a term that captures the complex of issues around migration, language learning and community. There was much relevant discussion for EAL practitioners, especially as… Continue reading New Speakers round table – conference report

ResearchED Language – conference report

There are a lot of teacher-research events happening this week, and we’ll be writing every day to share the findings and resources with you. First is Kamil Trzebiatowski, reporting from this weekend’s ResearchED Language conference in Oxford. Watch this space – for the next few days we’ll be reporting conferences and events around the country. ResearchED… Continue reading ResearchED Language – conference report

Nurturing a rich first language – the key to success in school

Carrie Norman is a former EAL Lead and a current primary school principal. She started Beelingual UK – a publisher of multilingual children’s books – in response to the needs she saw in school. Our EAL pupils have always achieved well with a visual, creative and language-rich curriculum, but it wasn’t until we really embraced… Continue reading Nurturing a rich first language – the key to success in school

EAL pupils with special needs: Are we meeting their needs?

Andrea Tan reports on a research seminar that she led at Bangor University, Wales, last month. It focused on the needs of EAL pupils with special needs, highlighting the paucity of research in this area, especially in the UK.  In the past two decades, there has been some attention given to meeting the needs of pupils with diverse needs.… Continue reading EAL pupils with special needs: Are we meeting their needs?

Creative ESOL for EAL

ReWrite is a London-based charity that aims to break down barriers of prejudice and racism through drama and creative writing. This post, by Farha Bi, builds on her experience of running Creative ESOL with EAL pupils in London schools. Rewrite has been working with young people since 2000 to improve English literacy and language skills as well as… Continue reading Creative ESOL for EAL